Animal Housing Hygiene

Healthy housing means happy animals means happy farmers

Good animal housing hygiene is of paramount importance to maintaining high animal welfare standards. By creating, and maintaining, a healthy environment you suppress harmful bacteria, reduce unpleasant odours and even reduce the production of naturally occurring green house gases such as Ammonia or Carbon Dioxide.
Whether its horse stables, cow cubicles, lambing sheds or dog kennels, calf pens and the chicken house we can help.


Vulkamin Powder

Vulkamin® is volcanic lava that never reached the surface and therefore oxygen. It is a silicate rock and it’s mineralogical peculiarity is that it is rich in zeolites, which have a special hollow honeycomb structure. This gives Vulkamin® a large active surface area which is able to absorb large amounts of moisture. It, therefore, has a fast drying action, that quickly raises pH and denies microbes the moisture they need to survive.

Due to the hollow honeycomb structure Vulkamin® is silky soft making it safe on human hands as well as cows teats.

Additionally Vulkamin® is naturally rich in nutrients, trace elements and soluble silicic acids meaning it also makes a great soil conditioner.

Vulkamin leaflet

Actiferm 20L
Actiferm, sometimes known as EM-A, is a mix of naturally occurring beneficial Effective Micro-organisms (EM) used for increasing the good bacteria in an environment. Actiferm contains a mix of bacteria, fungi, yeast and actinomycetes held in suspension. The microbes in Actiferm are used to increase and support the good bacteria already present. This suppresses the bad bacteria in an environment, reducing possible infection and disease, reduces unpleasant smells and reduces naturally occurring green house gases. Actiferm is not harmful to machines, soil, plants, animals or humans.
Actiferm can be used on cubicles, straw bedding, walls, animals, water troughs, feed barriers, compost heaps, soil, plants and even makes an excellent cleaning agent.
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