Animal Housing Hygiene

Good animal housing hygiene is of great importance as achieving this means that harmful bacteria are unable to flourish. A healthy environment means a healthy cow, which results in a healthy milk yield. Agriton offers several products that are aimed at helping you to optimise your animal housing hygiene.


Vulkamin Powder
Vulkamin meel

Vulkamin Powder is a soft primeval rock flour of volcanic origin which is 100% natural raw material, rich in minerals and trace elements.  This provides a healthier and better living environment in the cubicle and is gentle on the cow’s teats. The spreading material that ends up in the slurry pit binds the ammonia, reducing emissions and significantly improving the stable climate.


Actiferm 20L

Actiferm contains ready to use effective micro-organisms (EM) which are a mixture of active bacteria, fungi and yeasts.  Actiferm increases the natural balance and biodiversity therefore ensuring a better and more efficient conversion while also being simple and inexpensive. Actiferm is not harmful to machines, soil, plants, animals or humans.


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