Healthy soils mean healthy crops mean healthy animals

At Agriton we love animals. Our love for animals is why we started working in the agricultural industry and it is why we are still in the agricultural industry. We strongly believe that animals should be part of every farm and have a huge part to play in regenerative agriculture and maintaining optimum soil health. Animals play a vital role in the Soil – Plant – Animal – Manure Cycle. Not only do they convert energy, stored in grass, into meat and milk but are key to the Carbon Cycle.

Dr Vandana Shiva said that… “Living Soil is the capital we must build through regenerative farming. We should only harvest the “interest” of renewable fertility which we grow through the law of recycling and the law of return.” Animals are energy recyclers, that take only the interest, and therefore should be considered as part of nature as much anything else.

Agriton have developed a range of 100% natural, sustainable and organic products designed to improve animal feed efficiencies and health. By maximising home grown feed and forage and improving animal health we can reduce the need for expensive, bought in and environmentally damaging inputs.

Our ethos is simple, more from less.



Syn-Vital / Proferm



EM Silage 


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