Bokashi Compost

Bokashi is the Japanese word for “well fermented organic material” and is a way to turn your organic waste into a very rich soil improver / fertiliser. Bokashi is the result of the centuries-old technique of fermentation. By adding effective micro-organisms (Actiferm) and creating an anaerobic (without oxygen) environment you turn your waste into an excellent organic fertiliser. In order to obtain an optimal result, sea shell grit and clay minerals are added, but this depends on the intended application.

By making Bokashi, rather than compost, you retain more nutrients and organic matter with the whole process taking a matter of weeks rather than months. This means there is more material of better quality available quicker.


Edasil® Clay Minerals –Edasil leaflet

Edasil® clay minerals are clay granules, 0.5 – 2 mm in size and are extracted in Southern Germany. These clay particles are used to bind minerals and nutrients in the Bokashi Heap. They also play a very important role in soil fertility. They can regulate the moisture in the soil very well, contain indispensable grass elements and form an important part of the clay humus complex (HKC).

Actiferm 20KG

Actiferm, sometimes known as EM-A, is a mix of Effective Micro-organisms (EM) for fermenting organic matter. Actiferm is a ready to use mix of bacteria, fungi, yeast and actinomycetes held in suspension. The microbes in Actiferm are used to increase and support the good bacteria already present ensuring that good fermentation, rather than rotting takes place. Actiferm is not harmful to machines, soil, plants, animals or humans.

Aegir® Seashell Grit –Aegir Leaflet

Aegir® Seashell Grit, used to regulate the pH with the heap as well as improving soil life. It is a 100% natural product made by living organisms from the sea. The shells are cleaned, heated and uniformly ground. It is a coarse lime source with a long-lasting effect for a stable pH.

For more information regarding Bokashi and how it can benefit you please contact us.
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