EM Slurry Treatment

Slurry inoculant helps reduce fertiliser use!!

A long time user of EM made an appearance in the Farmers Weekly on the 3rd of April talking about how using EM to treat his slurry has significantly reduced fertiliser costs. Mr Read has been treating his slurry since the construction of his new 260 cow Diary unit in Somerset and has realised the benefits go beyond reducing his fertiliser usage.

When planning for his new diary unit Mr Read realised the importance of slurry and explored all options before deciding upon slats and a robotic scraper. Mr Read was advised against an aerating system and instead opted for a slurry inoculant to stop the crusting and reduce any unpleasant smells or poisonous gasses in the shed. The retained nitrogen was simply an added bonus.

Effective Micro-organisms (EM) is a mix of naturally occurring beneficial Microbes that work synergistically to populate an environment. By populating an environment with good microbes you suppress the bad microbes, this is called competitive exclusion. When EM is added to slurry the EM bugs actually ferment the organic matter, locking in nutrients, which retains more nitrogen and stops harmful gasses being released (Ammonia and Carbon Dioxide). The microbes pre-digest the organic matter in the slurry meaning that once it is spread onto a field the energy and nutrients are readily available to the soil. The increased Microbial population is also retained within the slurry and populates the soil with beneficial microbes.

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Slurry Treatment Leaflet

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