Look after your soil and your soil will look after you!

Whether at home or on farm soil is the foundation upon which all life grows. It is why Soil is the basis of our Soil-Plant-Animal-Manure cycle and improvements made to your soil will have far reaching benefits throughout the entire cycle.


Soil can be broken down into three different aspects:

Chemical: Micro and macro nutrients, pH and even Carbon / Nitrogen ratios.

Physical: Components ie. sand, silt, clay, peat, loam or chalk as well as structure and density.

Biological:  Life in the soil, roots and organic substrates.


All three aspects of the soil can be managed which is why Agriton work with farmers, fruit and veg growers, nurseries and even lawn enthusiasts. By working with growers we can educate and advise on a number of different practices to ensure soil equilibrium is maintained. For those who are looking to improve their soils…. we can help with that to!



Actiferm 20L

Actiferm, sometimes known as EM-A, is a mix of naturally occurring Effective Micro-organisms (EM). It is a ready to use product consisting of bacteria, fungi, yeast and actinomycetes held in suspension. The microbes in Actiferm are used to increase and support the good bacteria already present. Actiferm increases the natural balance and biodiversity within the soil. Increasing the population of good microbes in a soil can suppress harmful microbes, breakdown more organic matter quicker and convert nutrients into a food source for earth worms. Actiferm is not harmful to machines, soil, plants, animals or humans.


Ægir Seashell Grit

Ægir Seashell Grit is a sustainably sourced, 100% natural, product made by living organisms in the  North Sea. Aegir Shells are dredged, cleaned, heated and uniformly ground to make a great source of Calcium Carbonate (Lime Stone) which is used for regulating the pH. As well as correcting and maintaining a soils pH it is also a great source of micro and macro nutrients needed within the soil by living organisms and plants.

AEgir Seashell Grit Information



bokashiBokashi is the Japanese word for “well fermented organic material” and is a way to turn your organic waste into a very rich soil improver. Bokashi is the result of a centuries-old technique called fermentation. By adding effective micro-organisms (Actiferm) and creating an anaerobic (without oxygen) environment you turn your waste into an excellent organic fertiliser. Compared to traditional compost Bokashi retains more carbon, nitrogen and organic matter; making it more environmentally friendly as well as a better soil improver / fertiliser.

Bokashi Soil Improver

Bokashi Soil Improver is, quite literally, ready-to-use Bokashi. The Improver is made by Agriton using straw and apple pulp with Actiferm, Edasil Clay Minerals and Aegir Seashell granules. It is a perfect replacement for your traditional compost and / or organic fertiliser.

Bokashi Soil Improver is essentially pre-digested food that is immediately available to living organisms in the soil. Due to the fermentation of the organic matter there are more nutrients retained and therefore available in the soil. Bokashi litter also contains many metabolic products (natural antibiotics, growth hormones, organic acids…), produced during fermentation, which positively influence plant growth.

Bokashi Soil Improver only contains raw materials that are permitted in organic farming.  For more information and instructions of how to use please contact us

Edasil Clay Minerals

Edasil® Clay Minerals are sustainable sourced and 100% natural clay granules. They are 0.5 – 2mm in size and are extracted in Southern Germany. These clay particles have a specific plate like structure which means they have a huge surface area and high binding capacity. This structure, and binding capacity, is crucial for holding onto nutrients in the soil, absorbing water as well as providing a home for microbes. Edasil® also contains a lot of micro and marco nutrients needed within the soil and form an important part of the clay humus complex (CHC).



Grow Best – Organic Fertiliser

Grow Best is an organic fertiliser made from 100% natural ingredients. Grow Best is a unique because it is valued for its percentage of organic matter rather than its N, P and K content. Grow Best helps sustain and improve soils . Poorly managed soils are often lacking in organic matter due to intensive growing and the use of herbicides and synthetic fertilisers. Good soil management can improve the nursery growers profits by reducing plant disease, improving plant growth and providing a stronger end-product that has much more chance of survival than the average garden centre plant.  Where poor soil management has become a problem Grow Best is a great way to regenerate soils.

Grow Best is made from 100% organic products  and meets EU regulations

Vulkamin Granulate

Vulkamin® is volcanic lava that never reached the surface and therefore oxygen. It is a silicate rock and it’s mineralogical peculiarity is that it is rich in zeolites, which have a special hollow honeycomb structure. This gives Vulkamin® a large active surface area, which is able to absorb large amounts of moisture, and is naturally rich in nutrients, trace elements and soluble silicic acids making it a great soil conditioner. It also helps raise and maintain  the soil pH due to it’s ability to bind freely available Hydrogen atoms.

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