Agriton Product Information Leaflets:

All Agriton products support the goal of improving the soil-plant-animal-manure cycle. Healthy soil equals a healthy future for everyone. The product information leaflets are available digitally by clicking on the relevant product names below. For further information and tailor-made advice please contact our advisers directly.

Alloy: Adds trace elements entirely according to the needs of the plant.

Soil: The Agriton system is based on a natural view of the soil and sees it as a living being. Our principal is that you have to feed the soil rather than the plant. Agriton thinks in three processes: the physical, the chemical and the biological.

Bionit-S:  Contains 57% Silicon Dioxide of natural origin. Research in Germany and other countries has shown a decrease in this element of about 80% in grains and grasses. Silicon is essential in plants and animals for the construction of cell walls. Silicon Dioxide is important in building connective tissue and improves horn growth and hoof quality.

Bokashi: This is the Japanese word for “well fermented organic material” and it is the most efficient way to return organic waste material to the soil. In contrast to composting, there are virtually no CO2 emissions plus the energy is retained. By fermenting all of your organic residual waste you save on disposal costs while also creating the optimal nutrition for your soil life. A further benefit is that the costs of making Bokashi are lower than the total costs of disposing of the material and having to add extra fertiliser.

Edasil Clay Minerals: Thanks to their unique structure the clay minerals have an enormous capacity to bind nutrients which prevents leaching and therefore losses.

EM Silage: This is a bacterial preparation which, in contrast to many other bacterial preparations, contains bacteria yeasts as well as lactic acid. The idea of using effective microorganisms (EM) in agriculture was developed by Professor Teruo Higa, who works at the University of Okinawa in Japan. EM-Silage is a ready-to-use product that only needs to be diluted with water.

Actiferm: – Enables better use of organic material with less rot on the field plus a better reuse of the soil’s own nutritional elements. Not harmful to machines, soil, plants, animals or humans.

Ostrea Oyster Flour:  This is a calf feeder rich in Calcium and full of essential trace elements based on Calcium Carbonate. This organic source of minerals is of great importance for animal health and the prevention of rumen acidification.

TMR Organofresh: This is a liquid based on EM Effective Micro-organisms to prevent scalding in the feed mixer.

Vulkamin Powder:  This is a primal rock flour that consists of very small particles and is rich in minerals and trace elements. For this purpose, it is frequently used in agriculture and horticulture for various applications.

Vulkamin Granules: By adding Vulkamin Granules to the soil, the crop can grow better and the plant receives the necessary enzymes, vitamins and essential amino-acids.

ÆGIR Seashell Grit: Seashell grit is a lime source that is extracted from shell banks in the North Sea. The product is rich in high-quality calcium carbonate (CaCO3) and is full of essential trace elements. These are of great importance for the vitality of the soil.

Previsan: Aphids and pear suckers (aka pear psyllids) are known for their sticky droppings and for depositing honeydew. Usually, droppings and the honeydew cause little direct damage, but they can cause indirect damage because they are an excellent source of nutrients for fungi and bacteria.

Syn-Vital® is a yeast culture developed especially for animal nutrition. This dry bran supplement contains the yeast Saccharomyces Cerevisiae. During the natural fermentation process, the yeast cells produce metabolic products including vitamins, organic acids, minerals and amino acids.

Proferm is a feed additive produced through a fermentative process with Effective micro-organisms and spelt bran. Syn-Vital is a feed additive made in the same way using wheat bran. Proferm and Syn-Vital strengthen the intestinal flora and provides the necessary fibres for the intestinal flora.

N-Hance+ is based on semiconductor technology and was developed to counteract the aggressive effects of salts in the slurry on the growth of beneficial microbes in the slurry. When used alongside Actiferm, a liquid complex mix of fungi, yeasts, phototrophic bacteria and lactic acid bacteria, it allows anaerobic fermentation to replace the rotting decomposition usually seen in stored slurry.

Agriton Brochures:

Equibiome is a range of applications for equestrianism where the focus on soil-plant-animal manure is key. Equibiome is derived from the term Microbiome which is the interaction between micro-organisms on, around and in living organisms. The Effective Micro-organisms (EM) play an important role in this interaction.





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