Jan Feersma: “Cows back then had permanent nitrate poisoning”

‘Permanent nitrate poisoning’

By Wiebe Dijkstra

Agriton director Jan Feersma remembers the time when grass was at its best when the colour was almost blue from the excessive nitrogen doses, he told the beginning of the dealer practice day in the Frisian Boijl. ‘Cows then had a permanent nitrate poisoning’. On Friday 15 June, cattle farmer Anne Marks showed how sustainable farmers look and what is needed for them.

Marks is 71 years old and is working with a hundred cows on sixty hectares. He uses Agriton products that have proven their worth for years to get the best out of the cows, the manure and the soil. Promise to improve the quality of manure, EM silage and TMR Organofresh for top quality silage, Vulkamin in the boxes and Ostrea for a healthy rumen effect.

The 50 interested parties were informed by the Agriton employees and by the farmer himself of the operation in practice. This included the opening of roughage with PowerGrain and the use of Flex Fertilizer, the liquid nitrogen fertilizer. Marks applies Flex in early spring.

The other dealer-practice day was held a day earlier at Joris Buijs in the Etten-Leur in Brabant. He is self-sufficient in the protein requirement of his dairy farm. There was also a lot of interest here.



The dealer practice day at the Anne Marks company in the Frisian Boijl was well attended.







Jan Feersma Hoekstra shows how beautiful grains are made accessible with the new product PowerGrain.

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