Livestock Farming


In dairy farming, the EM AGRITON system focuses on making better use of the available starting materials, namely manure, grass and maize. Through a more efficient use of the nutrients from the manure, sufficient quality grass can be produced with less fertilizer.

This results in a lower cost price. In addition a better use of silage, which is fermented with the aid of micro-organisms, provides more energy from roughage. This also gives a cost-reducing effect. But there are more positive effects, such as a denser sod, more homogeneous manure and a healthier livestock.

The most striking thing is that the EM AGRITON system can drastically save on nitrogen, without the production having to suffer. Depending on the type of soil, the results can be demonstrated from the first to the third year. The EM AGRITON system is a healthy basis for profitable, sustainable dairy farming.


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