Products for the Horse

The horse itself plays an important role in the soil-plant-animal-manure cycle and the Agriton system helps to support the health of the horse.

Syn-vital is a fermented feed material based on EM fermented bran. In contrast to dried probiotics, Syn-vital contains the living microorganisms and their secretions such as antioxidants and other bio-active substances. It is precisely these substances that make a positive contribution to the horse’s absorption and digestion and are therefore seen as health-promoting. Syn-vital is also suitable for all animals and can be mixed in other foods.

Syn-Vital Product Information Leaflet


Himalayan Salt Lick Stones

Himalayan salt is the ideal pure salt source for your horse. It contains a multitude of minor and rare trace elements in their natural form which can be absorbed very easily, therefore, ensuring the horse’s optimum levels are maintained.


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