Pasture Management

Improving soil fertility through the soil-plant-animal-manure cycle


Edasil Clay Minerals

Edasil Clay Minerals are clay granules, 0.5 – 2 mm in size which are extracted in Southern Germany. These clay particles play a very important role in soil fertility as they can regulate the moisture in the soil very well.  They also contain indispensable grass elements and form an important part of the clay humus complex (CHC).

Edasil Information Leaflet




Actiferm 20L

Actiferm contains ready to use effective micro-organisms (EM) which are a mixture of active bacteria, fungi and yeasts.  Actiferm increases the natural balance and biodiversity therefore ensuring a better and more efficient conversion while also being simple and inexpensive. Actiferm is not harmful to machines, soil, plants, animals or humans.


Ægir Seashell Grit

Ægir Seashell Grit, for regulated PH stabilization and for improving soil life. It is a 100% natural product made by living organisms from the sea.

The shells are cleaned, heated and uniformly ground giving a coarse lime source with a long-lasting stable pH.

Ægir Seashell Grit





Bokashi is fermented organic material which helps to improve the humus and organic matter content of the soil while also being very rich in micro organisms.

The resulting effect from using Bokashi is an increase in soil life activity.

For further information on this process and the benefits that it brings please see our information leaflets.


Vulkamin Granulate

Vulkamin Granulate is a soil improver made from soft primeval rock flour of volcanic origin. This diabase basalt meal is a 100% natural raw material, rich in minerals and trace elements that is used to optimise the soil.  It is used by the professional agricultural and horticultural sectors as well as the garden enthusiast.

Vulkamin Granulate Information Leaflet


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