Powergrain – “Happy Rumen, Happy Cow”


Quality AND Quantity with Agriton PowerGrain®

“Happy Rumen, Happy Cow” is the slogan given to our newest product, Agriton PowerGrain®.

Agriton have been developing PowerGrain for the last three years and are pleased to finally introduce it into the English market. PowerGrain fits into our company ethos of making the most of home grown produce, which is developing an ever increasing following from farmers worldwide.

‘PowerGrain is a unique, concentrated blend, of beneficial enzymes for preserving and treating grain used to feed dairy and beef cattle.’

Agriton PowerGrain® lets you preserve and enhance feed stuffs with a single treatment, safely. PowerGrain is used to preserve and enhance a number of feed stuffs i.e. wheat, barley, oaks, beans, peas and even straw to name a few. Treated cereals have a higher pH and increased protein, allowing farmers to safely feed higher quantities of quality feed, increasing feed efficiency and intake which in turn improves milk and meat yields.


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