Agriton PowerGrain® is a unique, concentrated blend of beneficial enzymes for preserving and treating grain used to feed dairy and beef cattle.

Agriton believe in maximising home grown feed and forage. By utilising home grown feed stuff you can reduce the need for expensive and environmentally damaging inputs. Using PowerGrain not only preserves but also enhances the nutritional value of treated feeds.

PowerGrain works by mixing 5kgs of PowerGrain Enzyme and 15kgs of PowerGrain Booster per tonne of feed. The feed needs to have a moisture content of between 16-20% for optimal results. Once the grains have been treated they need to be stored, air tight, for 2-3 weeks.  This allows for the reaction between the Enzyme and Booster to take place and the gas created to circulate the grain.

If treated correctly you can expect pH to increase to somewhere between 8.5 and 9, you will see a protein increase of 3-4% and the treated feed will be preserved until feeding.

Agriton believe in transparency and want to reassure you that PowerGrain works. To this end we are offering free independent pre and post treatment analysis for anyone treating more than 120 tonnes. For anyone treating 60-120 tonnes half price analysis is available.

For more information and examples of before and after treatment analysis please do not hesitate to contact us.



PowerGrain Leaflet

To get a free analysis of your treated grain CLICK HERE



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