*Preserves grain

*Increases protein

*Reduces Acidosis

*Rumen friendly

*Lower costs


Agriton PowerGrain® is a unique, concentrated blend of beneficial enzymes for preserving and treating grain used to feed dairy and beef cattle.

PowerGrain is completely safe to use.

PowerGrain will preserve your grain until fed.

PowerGrain will increase the pH to 8.5 – 9.5, acting as its own rumen buffer, significantly reducing the risk of Acidosis.

PowerGrain allows you to feed higher levels of starch in a ration safely by improving its feed efficiency.

PowerGrain will increase the Rumen Degradable Protein content of your grain reducing the need for additional, expensive and bought in feed.

PowerGrain breaks down the grains membrane allowing easy access to nutrients in the rumen.

PowerGrain eliminates the need for expensive grain driers.



Powergrain Leaflet 1


Powergrain Leaflet 2


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