Silage Additive

Why use a Silage Additive?

The sole purpose of making silage is to preserve forage by fermentation. A good fermentation will retain all the nutrients in the forage, at the time of harvest. To ensure a good fermentation takes place an anaerobic environment needs to be established as quickly as possible. Once the oxygen has been removed, naturally occurring microbes multiply and convert the sugars into lactic acid bacteria. This drops the pH and prevents unwanted bacteria, moulds and fungi from inhibiting the silage and reducing the nutritional content.

There are a number of naturally occurring, good and bad, microbes already present on forage. Due to the presence of both good and bad microbes the fermentation process can be slow which is why we recommend a silage additive. By using a silage additive you increase the population of good microbes, surpassing the bad, which speeds up the production of lactic acid and therefore drops the pH quicker. EM Silage also increases the amount of Acetic acid produced. This improves the aerobic stability of the silage which is important during feeding and delays secondary fermentation and heating.

The table and graph below highlight the benefits EM silage can have on the quality of silage.



EM Silage

EM Silage is a bacterial preparation that contains yeasts in addition to lactic acid bacteria which is what sets it apart from many other bacterial preparations.

It is a ready-to-use product that only needs to be diluted with water.

EM SIlage Leaflet



Organo Fresh TMR

OrganoFresh is for those who didn’t use EM Silage at the time of harvest and have a problem with feed heating up.  Organofresh TMR  is a liquid based on EM (Effective Microorganisms) for the prevention of heating in the feed mixer. Available in a ready-to-use formula it helps suppress the temperature rise in the feed mixer while also improving the palatability.

Organo Fresh TMR Information Leaflet


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