Slurry Inoculant

Natures fertiliser

Slurry has been regarded as a waste product for too long but farmers have finally woken up to the potential well managed slurry, applied at the right time, can have on their bottom line. Slurry is natures fertiliser, which used correctly, can save on expensive and environmentally damaging artificial fertilisers.
By treating slurry with N-Hance and Actiferm you go even further. Treating slurry results in a significant retention of Nitrogen, reduces unpleasant and harmful smells as well as removing any crust. This results in a better quality slurry that doesn’t need stirring and smells less. Treating slurry with Actiferm will also result in less flies.
N-Hance and Actiferm work together to ferment slurry rather than letting it rot. N-Hance buffers the harmful chemicals that end up in slurry, such as cleaning chemicals and footpath liquids. Actiferm is the active ingredient that actually ferments the slurry. This fermenting is what stops the release of Nitrogen, in the form of Ammonia. The microbes also prevent a crust forming, or eat an existing crust, meaning not need for stirring or aerating slurry before spreading.
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