Slurry Treatment

Regularly treating your manure with EM products will have a positive influence on the environment and will the manure will be digested faster.  Also the formation of ammonia is suppressed which results in a lower load on the cows airways.



Actiferm 20L

Actiferm contains ready to use effective micro-organisms (EM) which are a mixture of active bacteria, fungi and yeasts.  Actiferm increases the natural balance and biodiversity therefore ensuring a better and more efficient conversion while also being simple and inexpensive. Actiferm is not harmful to machines, soil, plants, animals or humans.


N-Hance Slurry Treatment acts as a buffer for harmful substances in the manure. Thanks to N-Hance a homogeneous manure is obtained, without caking and with fewer flies. This makes for a healthier manure and a healthier stable climate.

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