Technical Day

Every year Agriton UK hosts a technical day for all of our customers. Our Technical Day allows us the opportunity to present new ideas and research from the last 12 months as well as taking care of some admin.

Our last Technical Day, in January 2020, included a talk by Philippa Mansfield, who is the Catchment Sensitive Farming lead on Air Quality, as well as Ricardo Lanfranco, who was a representative from Eurofins Agro. Philippa spoke about the Clean Air Strategy and what it would mean for land owners as well as providing practical measures they could introduce. Ricardo then spoke to us about the benefits of a comprehensive soil analysis and how to interpret it properly before Andrew Sincock took over and introduced everyone to our newest product, PowerGrain. There was also a reminder of our existing products that help reduce emissions on farm.

Below are links to the presentations from the day and for even more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Agriton Tech Day Emmision

Clean Air Strategy and reducing ammonia emissions from farming Philippa Mansfield 22/01/20

PowerGrain Presentation


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