Do you want to make the most of your home grown cereals?

PowerGrain® is unique concentrated blend of beneficial enzymes for preserving and enhancing grains fed to ruminants

Preserve feed

Increase Protein

Raise pH

Improve feed efficiency

Lower cost

After two years of development Agriton introduced PowerGrain® into the UK market early last year. It was a low key introduction as we gathered more trial results and on farm experience. After a successful 12 months in the UK and with an even better understanding of the product, the process and actually feeding treated grains we would like to launch the product officially.

PowerGrain® comes in two parts, PowerGrain Enzyme and PowerGrain Booster. The Enzyme is a blend of carefully selected enzymes that react with the Booster (Feed Grade Urea) to increase Protein and raise pH in treated feeds. Using PowerGrain® typically sees a 30-35% increase in Protein and a 2-3 point rise in pH.

The protein created is readily available in the rumen and provides rumen microbes with sufficient nitrogen to meet their metabolic requirements. This increases rumen microbial activity which, combined with the rise in pH, leads to greater rumen efficiency and the ability to feed higher starch diets without the usual side effects. The increased microbial population also contributes to by-pass protein.

PowerGrain® can be used to treat both freshly harvested cereals as well stored grains. Grains being treated should have a moisture content of between 16-20% which allows for greater flexibility at harvest and eliminates expensive drying costs or unnecessary handling. The ability to increase the protein of home grown feeds reduces reliance on expensive and environmentally damaging alternatives.

PowerGrain Leaflet
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