Vulkamin Bedding Powder

Why use a Bedding Powder?

Bedding powders can be used for a variety of reason but predominantly for killing harmful microbes, especially in dairy cow cubicles. The cubicle environment is the perfect breeding ground for mastitis causing bacteria and an effective bedding powder will kill these. Bedding Powder is also used for calving and lambing boxes, calf pens, loose housing as well as horse stables and even kennels. Any environment that has been exposed too and /or provides a breeding ground for harmful microbes will benefit from a good bedding powder.

Why use Vulkamin?

Vulkamin quickly raises the pH (2 points in 10 minutes), creating an environment that the microbes cannot survive. It is also extremely absorbent, as well as fast drying, which means that it continues to work for longer. Vulkamin doesn’t react with Ammonium, unlike Lime,  so doesn’t produce Ammonia and actually captures nitrogen in the manure. This leads to a healthier barn environment by killing harmful microbes, reducing smells and even capturing Nitrogen.



VulkaminVulkamin leaflet A4

Vulkamin® is volcanic lava that never reached the surface and therefore oxygen. It is a silicate rock and it’s mineralogical peculiarity is that it is rich in zeolites, which have a special hollow honeycomb structure. This gives Vulkamin® a large active surface area which is able to absorb large amounts of moisture. It, therefore, has a fast drying action, that quickly raises pH and denies microbes the moisture they need to survive.

Due to the hollow honeycomb structure Vulkamin® is silky soft making it safe on human hands as well as cows teats.

Additionally Vulkamin® is naturally rich in nutrients, trace elements and soluble silicic acids meaning it also makes a great soil conditioner.


For information about using Vulkamin® Granulate as a Soil Conditioner click here.


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