What to do with your grains this harvest?

Fed up with expensive drying costs? Fed up buying in expensive protein? Fed up handling grains two or three times? Looking for a simple cost effective solution to treat your grains with this harvest? Look no further!

Agriton | PowerGrain® is a unique mix of carefully selected beneficial enzyme chosen specifically for the treatment of grains. Treating freshly harvested grains with PowerGrain will increase both the protein and pH for at least 12 months. Feeding grains too ruminants is a great source of energy but unfortunately this comes at a price. Over feeding grains can lead to Acidosis which the higher pH of the treated grains prevents. The treated grains act as their own buffer. As well as the higher pH there is also an increase in higher Rumen Digestible Protein (RDP). This obviously means a reduction in the amount of bought in protein you require.

Using PowerGrain means you can feed larger quantities of quality feed safely. Feed to be treated needs a moisture content of between 16-20% and if treating grains they should be bruised / rolled. Once treated the feed should be stored no more than 3 meters high and sealed air tight. Do not compact. After 2-3 weeks the air tight seal, and any coverings, should be removed. At this point the treated feed is safe for ruminants and will keep until fed.

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