Win £500 of Agriton products!!

Celebrating 25 years of Agriton

With our planned celebrations canceled, thank you Coronavirus, we have decided that a little give away is the next best thing. Consider this a thank you to all the customers who have used our products in the past and an introduction to those of you who are yet to try them.

Agriton Group have spent the last 25 years developing a range of products that are commercially profitable yet environmentally friendly. Agriton do not believe that by adopting sustainable methods and practices you have to sacrifice performance or profit. In most cases the two actually complement each other. Our brand new Animal Husbandry Booklet will give you an overview of the products we offer to livestock farmers and how thy can help you create a profitable and sustainable farming business.

The £500 worth of product available to be won has to feature in the new booklet so give it a good read as someone is going to win!

To win £500 of Agriton product…

Simply fill out the following information before the 28th of February and wait.

The draw will be made live on our social media channels on the 1st of March.

Good luck…


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