EM Skin Care

Treating Ringworm

Ringworm is a highly contagious skin disease caused by spore-bearing fungus. Direct contact with infected animals is the most common method of spreading the infection. The spores germinate, attacking the surface of the skin and hair folicules. The lesions usually assume a circular apperance and in severe cases may be large and extensive. The crusts on the lesions may be hard and scab like. Infection spreads from the center outwards, resulting in raised circular lesions. Scabs fall from older lesions leaving a ring with a hairless area in the centre, hence the name ‘ringworm’.

EM Skin Care helps promote the naturally occurring healthy micro-flora on the skin to inhibit the growth of pathogenic fungi and bacteria. Pathogenic microbes can become established on the skin from contact with other infected animals, or following adverse weather conditions, minor grazes and scratches. Using EM ensures a healthy micro-flora on the skin to naturally counter Ringworm causing fungi. Treat cattle with visible lesions and they will quickly disappear.

EM Skin Care

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